Beata Kawka  
  Agnieszka Matysiak
Head Dubbing Director

She is a natural born director, because she loves and respects actors working with her. Her cast is perfectly and accurately arranged, accomplishing her tasks with the highest level of commitment. At  work always exact and consequent in accomplishing her ideas. A Titan of work – the geyser of humor, the true team leader.

  Ilona Czech-Kłoczewska
Sound engineer/editor. She graduated from Chopin Music Academy
                  of Music In Warsaw, as a Sound Engineer.

Ilona is an intense and a blissful person. She seems to be very sensitive and gentle, but at work she is a true hard working person, consequently learning and achieving her professional goals. At  work she is incredibly precise and ambitious, in life Ilona is nothing but optimistic and cheerful.
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