GENETIX sound studios have been operating since 1997 and are a complex of  sound studios located at Forty Mokotow district and Dominikanska street. The studios were established by Jarosław (Jarek) Wójcik , a composer, musician and music producer.

In the early 90’s Jarek was not only well known in his own right, but also  worked as a music director for the radio station „Radio WAWA”. He later reorganized “RADIOSTACJA” that used to operate under the name of “Kontakt”.
He was the driving force in the rock group “Apogeum”, a winner of many  music awards, including  the “Jarocin 83” festival. He had lent his considerable abilities to several music projects with well-known artists such as: Krzysztof  Knitel, Tomasz  Stańko, Olga Szwajgier and Tomasz  “Thumb” Jaworski. He had also worked with “Teatr Rozmaitosci” theatre, where he directed the music for numerous performances, i.e. “Shopping & Fucking” and “Ogień w głowie”.

GENETIX sound studio’s main products and services encompass  film postproduction, music engineering as well as music sound design. The studio is Poland’s leading company in dubbing  TV advertising, courtesy of its achievements in finalizing numerous high quality TV and radio commercials.

GENETIX has recently expanded its business operations into the film dubbing and sound postproduction area.
The managing director of GENETIX FILM FACTORY is Beata Kawka. Her knowledge, expertise, creativity and experience may be considered as a guarantee of the highest level of quality for the sound and production projects. Beata has co-produced a number of movies i.e. “Ice Age”, “Garfield”, “Harry Potter” while working in the Studio Sonica (1996-2005). She was the star and the producer  of “The Skylines”, a movie directed by Boguslaw Linda (in cinemas in January 2007).

Her team consists of experienced professionals, known and admired throughout the industry, such as director Agnieszka Matysiak and many more.
The studio cooperates with remarkable actors, directors, sound engineers and wordsmiths. It is proud to offer you the highest level of quality service, adhering to precise scheduling. The studio is proud of its track record and sure that you will pleased to be added to its list of honourable and very satisfied clients. 
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